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What to expect

What happens during a meeting with the GSO?

Most meetings are held virtually via Zoom in one-hour increments. Students may also request to meet with the Ombuds in person, and these meetings will be held in Reynolds Hall. During the meeting, you will share your situation and current concerns. You will also identify your preferred outcome/resolution. Through open conversation, you and the Ombuds will identify strategies and resources to help you resolve your concerns.

How quickly will I be able to meet with the GSO?

Meetings are generally scheduled within 1 to 2 weeks after you reach out to the GSO.

Is there an option to meet with the GSO one-on-one or in groups?

You may elect to meet with the GSO one-on-one or as a group (in the case of multiple students sharing a complaint or concern).

How many times can I meet with the GSO?

For some, one meeting is sufficient to discuss a situation, identify relevant resources, or decide on a plan of action. For others, multiple meetings may be needed as you actively work through conflict or a challenging situation that is unfolding in real time. The GSO may also reach out to you following a meeting to inquire about an update on the situation and/or outcomes of a decision-making process.

How can I make sure meetings are confidential?

The GSO does not keep formal records for the University. During the meeting, the GSO may take notes to better understand the situation or to refer to in future meetings with you. However, your contact information and specific details about your situation will not be stored or shared with other University officials. You are therefore able to candidly share your opinions, ideas and perspectives with the GSO without fear that your information will be distributed to others.